Service Level Objectives

The page contains the current Service Level Objective terms. If you are a current client seeking a copy of this agreement, please contact your account manager.

  • Our Master Services Agreement document can be found at
  • Our mutual NDA document can be found at
  1. Service Availability
    1. Standard Availability shall be defined as Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific, excluding holidays.
    2. Remote support and consulting services shall be available per our Standard Availability.
    3. Onsite service shall be available by appointment, subject to Standard Availability.
      1. ROI Technology Inc. may, at it’s sole discretion, choose to provide onsite support outside of Standard Availability in the event of a major Client infrastructure failure, such as a server down.
    4. Optional 24/7/365 services may be offered to select clients, subject to additional fees.
    5. Administrative services (billing, contract changes, etc) shall be subject to Standard Availability.
    6. “Holidays” shall be defined as all federal holidays as listed at
    7. All contracts except those that specifically include 24/7/365 support, provide for support outside of Standard Availability at technician discretion only.
      Support outside of Standard Availability shall generally be limited to emergencies only.
      1. Clients requesting support outside of regular business hours more than twice a month for 3 consecutive months shall be subject to hourly support invoicing for support requests made outside of their contract support availability times.
  2. Communication Channels:
    1. Email:
    2. Web Portal:
    3. Chat: Integrated into our Web Portal in the lower right (does not require sign-in to access)
    4. Phone: for emergency/urgent support, end users may call 206-973-7683
  3. Priority Matrix
    1. ROI Technology Inc. prioritizes support requests across our client base, and on a per client basis. Below is the priority matrix and response time targets during Standard Availability as defined.

5. Code of Conduct & Misc. Acknowledgments

Client Acknowledges and Accepts the Following:

  1. Software licensing compliance is ultimately the client’s responsibility. ROI Technology Inc. will not install, reinstall, manage, support, or otherwise interact with obviously unlicensed software or software it suspects to be unlicensed or inappropriately licensed. We are happy to help you acquire appropriate licensing for your software, and will then be happy to support it to the best of our abilities.
  2. Some repairs may take longer than expected, or be more complex than initially thought. ROI Technology Inc. staff will make every effort to correct problems as fast as reasonably possible, but we ask for patience in situations where a solution is not expeditiously available.
  3. ROI Technology Inc. staff are people and deserve to be treated with professional courtesy. Abusive language, unreasonable expectations, derogatory language, and unprofessional communication with ROI Technology Inc. staff will not be tolerated, nor shall this lack of tolerance be grounds for contract termination. Be nice!
  4. Cooperation with support staff is critical to the expeditious delivery of assistance and repairs. This includes being reasonably available, by appointment or otherwise, to troubleshoot problems during your contracted availability or Standard Availability.
    • Technicians will make up to 3 attempts to contact any individual who opens a ticket or requests assistance. If, after 3 attempts at communication, we’re unable to make contact, the ticket will be closed.
  5. IT systems fail, with and without warning. Client shall not expect ROI Technology Inc. to be able to guard against or warn of all failure, nor hold ROI Technology Inc. responsible for any such failure.